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Saturday, 3 March 2012

Djinn of Arachnide

Setelah tiga hari kejar-kejaran sama laba-laba, akhirnya aku bisa menangkapnya *ketawa jahat. The first, I'm not going to catch the spider, but I hope I can catch the photo of it. Two times, it dissappear in a blink of an eye. I almost thought that you're a djinn, Spid.
I see it, I try to take a picture and then lost it. What a strange spider! It runs so fast. And then... And then... Right, I'll show you the photo.

Spider Djinn 3:E
It's back leg is broken. Maybe, it's my fault. Oh sorry, Spid. Later, I'm going to find what spider it is. It's hard to find, you know.

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