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About This Strange Blog

This blog is about my life, experience, history, and all about 'Me' (Strange post included). The word 'Me' here may refers to...
wHO's me?! Hey, let's talk about it here. My name, as you know (if you know) is Hernawan Fa'iz Abdillah. Yaw, it's my name from early phase of my life. No one want to change my name—hey, what did you talking about, boy? Okay, move... move... forget it.

Now, I'am a Senior High School student [ 8) ]. My school is number ONE (SMA N ONE = SMAN 1) in Yogyakarta. Dasanama [Bu Triwik's subject] : SMA Teladan, SMA Pakuncen, SMA... what's the next?

I'm an accelleration student, though. It is—in one side—a good choice and—in other side—a strange choice. But, it makes me to think it was a challange of life. If I can pass through this condition, I will be... succes? Maybe. Amien.

Oh my, it needs a lot of time to share who am I. And this blog was made in that purpose (plus the other). Yeah, it's a strange blog I think, do you think so? do you? Hm... It's not a problem to me. Because, the fact, it is a strange blog. So, just enjoy...

I do. I made this blog. And I write posts in my spare time. I do. It just a kind of entertainment. And I think—again—It is more—how to said that—give me some benefit.

Yah, that's all. I'am an ordinary person who struggle to be an extraordinary one ('struggle' is so excessive [baca : alay], and it's okay).

End. Thanks for reading the unimportant things about this blog.

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